Because we know that service is important to our customers as well as to your customers, Dieco has invested close to one million dollars in capital investment in the past two years, all to help improve lead times for our customers. In 1997 Dieco bought two Data Tech laser-cutting machines, reducing production time by over 5 hours per die.

The laser cutting system also improves Dieco's quality and the consistency of the products we provide to our customers. The benefits of the laser cutting system have been so great that Dieco has purchased another rotary laser cutting system which was delivered in December, 1999. Thus making Dieco the only die mfg in the Metroplex with three-laser die cutting systems, allowing Dieco more production capabilities than any of our competition.

On August 3, 1999 Dieco took delivery of the first ever Adams Turbo EZ bender. The turbo bender will automatically bend and process steel knife from heights of .937 to 1 ¼. Now all rotary and flat die straight steel can automatically be bent significantly reducing production time and further improving quality.

With recent capital expenditures putting Dieco on the cutting edge of technology, our commitment is strong and unwavering to maintain and increase our lead over our competition.

Our devotion to staying on top does not only include technology, but also the materials used in making the cutting dies. Dieco was the first local mfg to start using a new and far superior ejection rubber in our cutting dies. This new Micro cell rubber was a great advancement in die cutting ejection materials. We learned of this new material through our involvement in the IADD association and by working closely with our suppliers. And though the cost of this new rubber is fifty percent higher, Dieco did not pass the cost on to our customer because of our commitment to providing the Highest Quality and Best Value to our customers.